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HOMOLAB2.20 (1.800 bar)




• 20 l/h (50 Hz), 24 l/h (60 Hz)

• Double homogenizing stage

• 1st stage adjustable up to 1.800

bar (150 Mpa)

• 2nd stage adjustable up to 150

bar (15 Mpa)

• Nr. 2 pumping pistons

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Homolab 2.50 (600 bar)



• 50 l/h (50 Hz), 58 l/h (60 Hz)

• Double homogenizing stage

• 1st stage adjustable up to 600 bar (60 Mpa)

• 2nd stage adjustable up to 150 bar (15 Mpa)

• Nr. 2 pumping pistons

Compression Head & Homogenizing Valves

• The compression head is manufactured from a single block of high quality stainless steel

• Suction and discharge valves (ball type) manufactured in zirconium oxide

• Replaceable seats for valves in food-grade tungsten carbide

• Safety valve of spring type

• Pressure gauge of digital type

• Pressurizable stainless steel hopper, complete with connection for compressed air inlet, suitable to treat products with viscosity up to 2.000cPs.

• Homogenizing valves made in food grade tungsten carbide

• 2nd Homogenizing stage, suitable to work with pressure up to 150 bar (15 MPa);

Pump body, Transmission & Structure

• The pump body is made from a premium grade highresistance cast iron

• The crankshaft is machined from a solid piece, nitrited and checked using ultrasounds

• Lubricating plant of oil splash type. The mechanical organs are in oil-bath.

• The frame is constructed from a square-section stainless steel pipe, provided with dismountable

stainless steel panels with satin finish.

• Electrical motors of leading Company in alternate current.

• Control panel with operation and check buttons

• Electrical plant projected on respect of IEC standards, positioned onto the machine, with direct start.


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