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New Manual Mobile CIP Sets Single or Twin Tank


With hygiene being essential for any food production facility to ensure there is no contamination of the product nor the quality of the product is effected, these CIP units have been designed where the need for cleaning in small plants where a high level of automation is not required, but reducing bacteria and elimination of impurities are still required.


Design & Features

  • One AISI 316 insulated tank (300L) intended for preparation of cleaning solutions.
  • Option with an AISI 304 tank (500L) for the recovered water.
  • Hyginox SE pump (2.2kW).
  • AISI 316 collectors with manually operated butterfly valves.
  • AISI 304 frame with wheels.
  • Pressure gauge at the pump outlet.
  • Enclosed starter and pump protection.


Technical specifications

  • Cleaning of tanks of up to 3000L
  • Cleaing solution flow 10000 L/h
  • Cleaning solution pressure 2 bar



  • Piston pump for dosing of concentrates.
  • Electric heaters inside the tank.
  • Temperature control in the cleaning solution tank.
  • St.St. control panel.
  • Tanks of 200L and 500L for clenaing of
  • 2000L and 5000L tanks respectively


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